Solomon Kane 1 (September 2008)

I’ve read Solomon Kane before, but wanted to reacquaint myself before reading its sequel (I’ve also since seen the movie, which I have an affection for).

I remember the series goes downhill. Or it goes uphill.

I guess I don’t remember it very well.

I did remember the Mario Guevara artwork pretty well… how it looks like Guevara turned in his pencils and they colored those. They didn’t even up the contrast to fake inking.

It’s a mildly interesting book–oh, wait, now I remember. I thought it was going to be an “old, dark house” story and it doesn’t turn out to be one. There’s a lot of drama, a lot of angst for almost everyone but Kane, who Allie writes as inhuman. The pale coloring only makes him seem more like a zombie.

I think the first time I read it I thought he was a vampire, actually.


Writer, Scott Allie; artist, Mario Guevara; colorist, Dave Stewart; letterer, Richard Starkings; editors, Patrick Thorpe, Ryan Jorgensen, Randy Stradley and Philip R. Simon; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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