PunisherMAX (2010) #4


I think I might just give up on PunisherMAX right here. It’s clear Aaron doesn’t know how to write a good Punisher book and doesn’t even want to write a serious one.

It’s funny to think if I was under a rock, comics-wise, and hadn’t heard of Scalped, and read this comic, I’d think Aaron was just a buffoon.

This issue isn’t even “realistic,” it’s Frank getting beat up. Again, if Ennis’s run showed anything, it’s the danger of making Frank human. There’s not a story in it and there’s not a story here.

So it’s bon voyage to PunisherMAX for me here. I think if I’d sat down to read these on a monthly basis, I could at least come up with the enthusiasm to mock some of their stupider points, but trying to sit and read the whole thing?

It makes me a little sick to my stomach.

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  1. vernon wiley

    They should just rename this comic Poor Man’s Ennis’ & Rich Man’s Dillon. The buffoon they send after Frank I can’t decide if he’s serious or the joke’s on the reader (AND it pissed me off ’cause I like horses). I actually made it so far into the following Bullseye arc, which is better, as Aaron is able to include a bit of expose on him that keeps it moving. Frank isn’t in it, of course…that’s probably why I’m more curious.

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