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PunisherMAX (2010) #3


Wow, Aaron hasn’t just seen The Usual Suspects, he’s seen A History of Violence too. I wonder if he’ll work in some other incredibly well-known film’s concept in the future. Maybe send Frank back to the future in a DeLorean.

Except of course, Frank’s still not the protagonist. Dillon’s drawing him a little more age appropriate for the story this issue, but the art’s got some major issues. Whoever scanned the pages apparently screwed something up and they had to zoom in the art, making it look real bad. I hate it when comics have this problem, because it clearly means some link in the production chain is faulty.

The issue’s pretty weak. Not as weak as last issue but weak all the same. Aaron’s trying hard, with Dillon illustrating, to make it feel like Ennis’s Punisher.

But it’s not beautifully written and the jokes are weak so it doesn’t.

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