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Detective Comics (1937) #502


So… Alfred’s somebody’s baby daddy. That little detail is sort of overlooked in this issue. Not only is he a baby daddy, he’s an emotionally disconnected one (he financially supports her, but won’t tell her his identity–I think they almost used a similar thing in Batman and Robin to explain Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl’s history). It’s actually a neat development….

And the comic needs all the neat developments it can get because the mystery aspect is exceptionally lame. Of all the cops in France, Batman doesn’t just get a corrupt one, he also gets the one who’s had plastic surgery to disguise his identity (he was a Nazi collaborator) and he’s the killer Batman seeks.

Kind of nicely coincidental.

Batman also discovers Mlle. Marie didn’t die–but he doesn’t investigate that revelation.

The Batgirl backup is so-so. She easily overcomes her adversary, kind of making it all pretty pointless.

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