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Detective Comics (1937) #501


I love the scene with the Paris police giving Batman the okay because of his “unofficial” Interpol status. I wonder if Conway realized how silly the scene reads, given he’s sitting there in the office in his costume. Maybe Batman needs a different costume for such official meetings.

Otherwise, the issue’s decent.

Bruce heads to Paris, following Alfred and Lucius. No, they’re not secretly gay; it turns out they both fought in the French resistance and one of them is being accused of murder by their old compatriots. Half of that description one could get from the cover.

The art’s nice and Conway’s characterization of Bruce as caring and maybe even doting is welcome. His Batman is very affable.

The Batgirl backup is solid too, even though it’s an incredibly dark story. The villain, a voodoo guy, decides to ruin Batgirl’s life. Nearly the whole story is people mistreating Barbara.

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