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The Coffin (2000) #3


Hester changes it up again this issue, to similarly good results.

This time, he doesn’t just spread the issue out, he actually lets time pass off panel, which he didn’t really do in the second issue. This issue, for example, doesn’t open with a resolution to the previous one’s conclusion. Instead, Hester takes a little time out. He eventually gets to a big scene suggested last issue… but a lot happens before it.

Huddleston’s art lets Hester get away with not having action set pieces. Huddleston doing a talking head scene between Ahmad, looking pretty much like a robot, and another scientist… it has all the action one needs. Maybe it’s because Ahmad’s suit (the titular Coffin) is always giving off steam or smoke, there’s this hint of motion, of action.

But Hester goes even further, coming up with a fantastic plot twist.

I’m sad there’s only one issue left.

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