The Coffin (2000) #2


The pacing on the second issue is completely different from the first, which is both good and bad.

On the good side, there’s almost none of the Hell stuff in this issue. There’s some, but it’s so visual, I can forgive it to get to see Mike Huddleston draw some demonic sphinx.

But on the bad side… Hester gets loose with the logic of the plotting. He creates the protagonist’s pseudo-adversary in less time than it took the protagonist to be created (or recreated). Then the ending is on some weird fast forward too, as the protagonist–Ahmad–walks through this endless night (while his daughter’s babysitter is learning the daughter is now an orphan) and the adversary is created.

It makes tonal sense as a montage of sorts, sure, but it doesn’t make any sense in terms of the Coffin’s established plotting.

Small quibbles about a good comic.