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The Coffin (2000) #1


A lot of the issue is spent in Hell. Well, at least a third of it. There’s a lot of visuals of Hell and those are cool because it’s Mike Huddleston and I love Mike Huddleston. Unfortunately, the stuff in Hell is totally unimportant. Even when it seems like it’s reaching a point of being useful, turns out it’s not.

But it’s a really nice read. Hester’s protagonist is a complete jerk (he does go to Hell after all) and the issue is plotted something similar to Swamp Thing’s origin. Only, you know, the guy’s a jerk.

There’s a little too much science too, but only at the beginning.

It’s kind of strange to talk about the series so far, since there’s little hint of what’s to come–except the “hero” going after his killers. Hester spends the issue showing why he can bring the protagonist back and then kills him.

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