Agents of Atlas (2006) #3

Agents of atlas 2006 3

After opening with a nice fight scene–it starts with just Jimmy, then brings everyone in–the issue moves to some Atlas investigating. The book’s title still doesn’t make any sense in the context of the content, which is kind of awesome. I wish I remembered what I thought it meant at this point during my first reading.

This issue features the most elaborate flashback so far, as Bob tells everyone his recent history. I think it runs for five pages and they’re just these magnificent summary pages. Kirk handles them beautifully, though it takes a while to catch on the flashback projection means all the characters listening will somehow appear in the flashback.

Parker also starts the M-11 stuff here. At this point, the robot has said more off the page than during any issue. I really wish Parker would get to do an M-11 limited series.

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