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Agents of Atlas (2006) #2

Agents of atlas 2006 2

Derek, the SHIELD agent, narrates this issue. The result is a more procedural issue, like Parker is trying to keep the reader a few steps removed from the principle characters. He does it a few times, more obviously, in the narrative, like when Venus says hello to a changed Bob.

A little about the art. I like Leonard Kirk; I like his superhero stuff. He does a good job on this issue and the series so far, but one of the things about coming back to it after Parker’s gone on with the series–it’s clear Kirk isn’t the ideal fit. He’s really good and I’d never be making this comment if I were fresh to Atlas, but here we are.

He doesn’t, for example, get Venus. She doesn’t have the right mix of sexuality and innocence.

Parker ends on a nice cliffhanger, closing a perfectly paced issue. It’s simply wonderful.

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