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Green Arrow (1983) #1


I’m a Mike W. Barr fan from The Maze Agency, but none of his DC work has ever gotten me excited. The Outsiders, for example. But I’m really liking this Green Arrow series so far.

First, it’s got a lot of story to it. It opens with an action sequence, does one flashback, then another (the second being the origin flashback), then moves into some dramatics, then does a final action sequence. It’s a lot of content and Barr’s got a good handle on making the character likable. I’ve never really liked Green Arrow because, in addition to being kind of silly, he’s loud and obnoxious. But Barr humanizes him, leaving out the volume.

My favorite thing is how jumbled Barr keeps the issue. The Trevor von Eeden art is a little confusing, but it does work….

I just love how quietly they bring Black Canary in. Poof, she’s there.

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