Green Arrow (1983) #2


I kept meaning to count panels per page, but I never paused and did it. I’m guessing the average page has twelve to sixteen panels. And it’s not a talking heads book. The amount of work von Eeden does here–the issue has town and country settings, not to mention some hallucinations–is incredible. Especially for a mainstream book with a mainstream artist.

Barr is pretty straightforward this issue with the narrative. No flashbacks, only one character appearing out of nowhere (Count Vertigo, one of Green Arrow’s regular villains–who knew Green Arrow even made regular villains?). It’s mostly just a mystery story, with a murder needing solving and characters revealing secret agendas.

It’s a compelling way to approach a limited series, because the mystery is what’s important, not the titular character. I mean, he’s sort of important, but it gets an otherwise uninterested reader on board.

Even if Count Vertigo is goofy.

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