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Palookaville (1991) #5


This issue continues the story started in the previous one. Well, no, it doesn’t. Not exactly.

Seth seems incapable of resolving a cliffhanger, so this issue spends about half its pages just being another story about Seth, the character, following the last issue. There’s nothing to make it a chapter in the same story. Even the approach to the art changes.

Last issue, Seth had all these lovely illustrations. This issue, Palookaville goes back to being as indistinct as the first three issues. Seth’s opener is completely unrelated to the finale of the previous issue.

It’s like he assumed his readers wouldn’t have read the previous issue so he’s going to win them over again.

The issue becomes a laundry list of Seth’s rather uninteresting complaints. His single interesting observation is about himself. The Seth we met in the first issue is now, issue five Seth has decided, a tool.

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