Palookaville (1991) #6


I think this must be the first issue where Seth doesn’t feel the need to show his protagonist nude from the waist down. He did it in every previous issue at some point or another.

Honestly, I can’t remember anything from this issue and I just finished reading it a minute ago.

It ends with an extremely trite reflection on memory and I now wonder if it ever occurred to Seth his readers might be familiar with Proust and his madelines. Oddly, it never occurred to me Seth might not be familiar with him.

The more I read Palookaville, the less likable I find Seth–the character. He’s an annoying, pretentious hipster. Maybe my biggest problem is the job thing.

Seth never mentions working. He just magically has enough money to travel on jaunts. His character seems to spend his entire day doing nothing.

And he’s terrible to his girlfriend.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Where Seth begins to get interesting is an exploration of his interests, and not Seth or his life itself. These early books were made during the height of the indie explosion, and as such, suffer where the creator is competing with other indie creators for attention. Too bad very few of them have tales about their personel lives that are worth reading. He does get better, but patience is a virtue, because when Seth gets into something, he savors the experience to the point of over examination. Not a bad thing, but impatient readers will be nonplussed to persue it to it’s climax.

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