Palookaville (1991) #4


Now here’s a good issue. It’s mostly about Seth–the character–looking for old New Yorker cartoons.

It’s about more–there’s stuff with his family, stuff with a friend–but the emphasis is on him looking for old New Yorker cartoons in general and this one artist in particular.

What’s really interesting about the issue is how much attention Seth–the creator–pays to the art here.

This issue is Palookaville‘s fourth and, while Seth’s definitely talented, I’ve never been impressed until now. In fact, he just gets more and more impressive as the issue goes forward.

The narrative approach is much different than the last clearly autobiographical issue (the first). Seth’s no longer trying to distance himself from the reader. Instead, he concentrates on explaining himself to him or her here, which isn’t compelling at all.

But the art and the search for the cartoonist makes up for it.

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