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Unknown Soldier (2008) #5


Now I’m confused. Not because I don’t remember this issue from the last time I read it, but because Dysart’s finally revealing little glimpses at the secret behind the “voice.”

Something happened to the good doctor, letting him become the killing machine… and the Unknown Soldier has something to do with it. Not the Unknown Soldier of this series, but the overall Unknown Soldier. I think Ennis dealt with him as a force of nature too.

But it’s also the issue where the one secret–the good doctor being a killing machine–is revealed to his wife. So he doesn’t have a secret identity.

Also, the stuff about Moses–that’s the protagonist–hurrying into marrying his wife after dumping his med school girlfriend… that was great, particularly because Dysart doesn’t given enough information to really form an opinion. It just seems a little suspicious.

And then a great cliffhanger here.

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  1. You’re right about the limited audience-the subject matter alone determined this wasn’t going to be on anybody’s chart toppers. But beyond that, it remained throughout it’s run desperately sticking to it’s basic, in your face history lessons. At it’s end, it receives the acclaim from those of us with head banging invulnerability and the numbness of a contemporary comic reader. Ponticelli’s art gets it’s kudos as well-despite shifting media gears during the “camp” saga and reiterating with slow, painful detail the asphixiation of the last major arc. By the end he calms down, and seems content with his spoils. Good, dark, mean, stuff…

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