Unknown Soldier (2008) #3


Dysart deals with it–and has been since the first issue–but really… Unknown Soldier‘s going to have limited appeal. It doesn’t matter if it’s more action packed than Rambo, it’s a story where the hero does good by killing children (soldiers, but still children). There aren’t going to be any movie adaptations here… no summer event blockbusters in 3D.

Dysart seems more than aware of that condition and he doesn’t shy away from it. It makes Unknown Soldier hard to read. The comic requests you stop playing an iPhone game and think about something really awful for twenty-two pages. Something real and really awful.

This issue, besides bringing the protagonist to a new place, starts weaving in the subplots and supporting cast. More supporting cast than subplots, I suppose.

Dysart doesn’t allow even the slightest comic relief here. Instead, he lets the quality compel the reader to finish.

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