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Unknown Soldier (2008) #2


The second issue is a little more traditional. Dysart uses a roaming third person narrator, jumping into his protagonist’s head when he’s with him, staying out of the supporting cast members’ heads when he’s with them.

Now, the meat of the story arc is developing. Dysart introduces the old CIA guy, which sort of shows what Unknown Soldier is going to be. It’s going to be straightforward, even though lots of flashbacks and so on are in the narrator’s head. Then there are the hallucinations.

The elephant in the room is Punisher: Born, which I imagine Dysart read. I know he reads Alan Moore; I’m assuming Ennis too. The letterer has read Born too, because the internal dialogue demon has the same presentation in Soldier as it did in Born.

It’s too soon to say. I’m more curious about the connection than anything else.

Fantastic cliffhanger too–action versus morality.

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