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Ghostdancing (1995) #5


Well, the issue I’ve been dreading, the one where Delano explains all the backstory, here it is. And is it as bad as I’d anticipated? Oh, yeah.

As the American people flock–nude–to the wilderness to become one with the land (it’s an interesting idea, the land of America is magical, whereas the rest of the world maybe not), Delano sticks the reader in a car for the bad guy to give the good guy a lengthy, false history lesson.

Then the good guy meets maybe his dad, who gives him a truer history lesson.

Then there’s a bunch of stuff about how the white man ruined America when they came and colonized. But at least there’s no real illuminati nonsense this issue.

Ghostdancing is, five issues of six completed, a good idea for a comic, but not a good comic. Delano needs lots more space.

Or maybe less.

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