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Ghostdancing (1995) #6


Ok, I missed the part about the cataclysmic world altering events only taking place in the West and not effecting anything else in America. Apparently, Delano doesn’t like the Huron.

Though there was that great picture of the yachts fleeing Manhattan.

It’s a confused conclusion, really more about the bad guy getting his comeuppance than anything else. I’m not even sure the ostensible lead has a part in the comic past a non-talking, one panel appearance.

He never, for example, gets reunited with his mother, which Delano has been promising since the second issue. Instead, she gets a great finish, but one where it’s now moment important to see meet her son than vice versa.

Instead, Delano goes with a far cuter ending, with the coyote guy getting the final pages.

I assume Delano was leaving the end open for another series.

Ghostdancing isn’t bad, it’s just painfully mediocre.

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