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Ghostdancing (1995) #4


See, a cliffhanger. The bad guy is getting ready to do something bad and “to be continued.”

It’s an awkward issue, a bridging one, setting up the big conclusion. The comic takes place over a few hours, giving the reader a few pages (at least) with each member of the cast.

Unfortunately, Delano gives one of the illuminati an emphasis too and those pages, no surprise, are the worst in the issue. He just can’t make them work, not with the explanations he’s got in play already. They distract–as does keeping the most interesting thing in the issue (bones reincarnating at a museum and dancing) in dialogue instead of showing it.

After a third issue, it appears Delano has gotten back to his outline for scripting.

I’m still somewhat hopeful for the last two issues, but it’s unfounded.

Oh, and there’s some rather weak art from Case this issue.

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