Aria (1999) #2


Less narration and more story (even if more story does mean a lot more characters) mean a better issue. What a crazy concept. Holguin should have patented it.

I also need to backtrack on the fairy tale thing. These are faeries, not fairy tale characters. At least I think. I know the protagonist (the Aria title is confusing to me) Kildare–because all female comic book protagonists have cool names–mentions fairy tales in the first issue. Not so much here.

This issue features Anacleto’s first art assist. Strangely, they use it on a sequence he would have done much better with. Why they didn’t use the backup guy on the filler is beyond me.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned how many characters are in this issue. Just from memory, I’m guessing it has eight major speaking parts (five being new characters).

Holguin’s writing is shockingly amateurish compared to the art.

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