Aria (1999) #1


I’m not sure what Aria has going for it, post-Fables. The idea of making fairy tales real but only in the magic sense… it’s just surprising Holguin didn’t think maybe using real characters would work better.

The selling point of Aria now, as it was back in 1999, is the art. Anacleto’s magical take on New York, rural England and his unlikely proportioned heroine (wouldn’t all the magic people be good looking? Some aren’t) is something to see.

And the story works for it–it’s silly and magic (the comic is kind of like the cover to a magical romance novel as a serial)–but Holguin doesn’t try anything.

It’s the safest comic ever, with a beautiful and busty heroine who’s also smart and kind and narrates the whole thing incessantly.

It’s like every other comic book with a female protagonist written by a man, except the art’s beautiful.