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Jetta (1952) #7


Jetta goes out with a whimper. DeCarlo’s art is iffy on the first and third stories, with only the second really being up to par with what he’s previously done on the title.

Also problematic is the writing. While the first story, though it has nothing to do with Jetta, is rather charming, the third story in this issue borrows a plot point (sabotage) from the second. And the second story ends with a completely nonsensical ending.

At least DeCarlo doesn’t go out of his way to make Jetta’s love interest, Arky, a complete jerk this issue. And her nemesis, Hilaria, returns to that status after the affected friendship DeCarlo gives them in the first story.

DeCarlo seems to enjoy setting the stories up, getting the antics going… then he has no idea what to do. This problem plagues the second two stories.

But it’s still a very likable book.

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  1. The majority of the the interior art was done by the Dan DeCarlo Studio. Which at this time was Dan, Rudy and Doug Crane.

    Most of the interiors was layed out by Dan, but drawn by Doug.
    It’s also most likely that the inks are by Dan’s Brother Vince and not Rudy.

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