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The Marvels Project (2009) #1


I really need a cast of characters page. It’s neat how Brubaker uses the Two-Gun Kid to open (though I can’t remember how he got to the future in the Slott She-Hulk series); it gives the story something of a context in the modern Marvel Universe, since it really is just another retcon. Just one without a lot of repercussions.

Following all their Captain America flashbacks, Epting and Brubaker are perfectly assured and the comic does read well.

It just isn’t particularly necessary. It appears to tie a bunch of old events together under the purview of the United States government (to “Ultimatize” regular Marvel history). There’s an FDR cameo and Nick Fury shows up and we get some really good Namor stuff… But it’s really just another Marvels, with a different narrator on a somewhat wider perspective.

Decent Marvel–Brubaker’s capable of a whole lot more though.

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