Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #5


A two minute read. I mean, I suppose Lee and Ditko did this part of the story in two or three pages, maybe less, so it’s only appropriate it should read fast….

There’s a big logic hole here. Not really for the characters, but in what Bendis is trying to present. He flashes back to Peter remembering not stopping the robber after Uncle Ben had the talk with him. But events didn’t occur in that order. The two, in the way Bendis is trying for a connection, are somewhat unconnected.

Still, it does work, though opening with the Goblin attacking the Osborn house (so we never–Ultimate or not–get to meet Harry’s mom?), distracts from the real story.

The close with Mary Jane is solid as well, establishing a much different Peter Parker than the one Lee and Ditko created.

Tastes great, I just wish it was more filling.

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