Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #6


Oh, man, it’s half the best issue so far. Then it stops.

How did people stand reading this comic monthly? It’s so frustrating….

Very amusing is the open at the Bugle, however, with a full Superman: The Movie homage. It immediately softens the reader, maybe so he or she doesn’t realize there isn’t a story, just half a fight scene and a couple narrative details (Spider-Man now has his webbing and Peter quits the basketball team, impressing Mary Jane).

Harry does show up again, for the first time in a while apparently (Bendis is pretty loose with the timeline details–neither Harry nor Peter took any time off school due to family tragedies?), and hints at being very disturbed.

The Goblin’s scary looking, but in a big monstrous sort of way, not an intelligent one… which is another interesting move by Bendis. The smart villain starts out really stupid.

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