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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #3


How many pages of ads ran in these things? Because I really do not feel like I got a full issue’s worth of story.

In Ultimate, Bendis has Peter wrestling as Spider-Man to earn money to pay for Flash Thompson’s hospital bills, anonymously helping Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Bendis juxtaposes this effort with Peter getting on the high school basketball team (in Flash’s place) and winning a game.

Also included is Mary Jane asking Peter out to a geometry “thing”–but it’s a date.

Norman Osborn shoots up the super-serum with Harry in the other room–and Doctor Octopus is there. But it’s really just two pages, one without any talking.

I think I covered everything going on in the entire issue. Except it ends with Peter getting his Spider-Man costume.

It’s not really a story. Some stuff happens.

Amazing how different it reads in issues.


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