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Spider-Man: Chapter One (1998) #11


Oh, wow. This issue is actually the worst. The dialogue is so unbearably bad, it doesn’t even matter Milgrom’s inks are a little better than last time.

Spider-Man gets in a fight with Giant-Man and the Wasp–who Byrne portrays as being entirely narcissistic and without any heroic qualities whatsoever, but still forces the reader to spend time with them–and then they all team up to foul some armored car heist.

In the mean time, in actual importance (to the series’s arc), everyone’s turning against Spider-Man… Betty because of Liz Allen (though who cares if Betty is turning against him… Byrne’s characterization of her is terrible, though his Liz Allen characterization isn’t good either), the city (over the Green Goblin fight), and even Peter Parker, because Spider-Man can’t make Aunt May better.

Byrne’s Peter Parker is the biggest whiner since Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

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