The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #6


Lee gets back on track (subtly developing Peter Parker too–the flirtations with Betty Brant at the Bugle give him the courage–apparently, it’s never pointed out–to ask Liz Allen out on a date), not just introducing the Lizard, but also sending Spider-Man to Florida. The comedy scenes with Peter and Jonah heading down are absolutely hilarious.

There’s a ton of story–besides the Lizard (and Peter’s high school science curing him), Lee has a museum action set piece (where Liz falls for Spidey). It’s nice to see he and Ditko work so much into one issue–though the alligator army is a little much. But the Florida trip gives Ditko a chance to draw differing environments.

The Lizard’s nickname is “Liz,” which I don’t think they kept, and Peter’s after a girl named Liz. Kind of strange.

Very good stuff.

Though Aunt May’s still not a character.