Underground (2009) #2


The second issue’s an all-action issue, probably has a present action of twenty-five, thirty minutes. Stuff happens in it, but really nothing. The bad guys show up and there’s a stand-off. That description sums up the issue. Oh, and the park ranger guy lives. I am, I have to say, distressed. Lieber always ends up on these fast reads–the second Whiteout series had this kind of pacing too–and it doesn’t suit his artwork.

I want the story to give me the time to look at the art and here, Lieber’s basically doing chase scenes through a cave. A dark cave. If I spend too much time looking at the artwork, I’m missing out on the whole chase element. If there’s not a hurried pace, the action movie adrenaline experience, it’s not working.

This issue doesn’t bode well for the series overall… but I’m a pessimist.

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