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The Dead Boy Detectives (2001) #3

And here’s where there’s some more connection to The Sandman series (I think, not really knowing, but they spend some time talking about people who aren’t in this book, so I assume they’re in the Sandman book).

Again, I’m not sure how Brubaker’s writing the leads. They’re so naive, even when they’re impaired, it’s hard to believe they spend a hundred years (or whatever) watching and reading detective stories. There’s a lot of sex in them–especially since one of them makes a James Bond reference at some point in the series–and Brubaker writes them asexual.

It’s kind of cute, in that same way the art’s precious, but it cuts back severely on the characters’ potentials. Having a single goal–to be detectives–and nothing going on the back burners makes them too flat. There’s no drama to them, no conflict.

Still, it’s a solid series, just not monumental.

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