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I Am Legion (2009) #4


I guess it hadn’t occurred to me the best way to clear up all the multitude of characters in I Am Legion was to kill most of them, which is what Nury does in this issue. The story’s in a higher gear now, racing toward, presumably, a cliffhanger in the fifth issue and some kind of conclusion in the sixth.

Nury’s turned what was once a war story with a lot of backstory and fantastical elements into a high speed action thriller and it works. I don’t care about Dracula being the villain, I don’t care the whole Nazi vampire project will probably be revealed as something nonsensical. It’s just moving too fast, good guys versus bad guys, good guys not being clear, Nazis pretty clearly being bad guys, to sweat the little stuff.

So the question becomes whether Cassaday does better with action than intrigue… I suppose he does.

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