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I Am Legion (2009) #3


One thing I refuse to do when reading fiction–whether it’s Michael Crichton or William Faulkner–is keep a list of characters. I’m not going to take notes when I’m reading fiction, not to help me along reading it.

I Am Legion, especially this issue, seems to require it. This issue is a war espionage issue (for the most part), detailing the British attempts at an attack and multiple German war agencies working against each other. It’s all very compelling–Nury does a great job of setting up a series of unlikable characters and working them off each other in ways to create some concern for them–but it’s nearly impossible to follow.

One problem is just the convoluted nature of a story with fifteen principals, another is the surprises Nury is writing around. And then there’s Cassaday’s artwork. He’s got one distinct character, everyone else blends.

I’m onboard though.

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