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The Mighty (2009) #11


Ok, I predicted wrong. Instead of doing the pat, traditional ending, the solidly banal one out of a disaster movie, a melodrama, or a BBC show, Tomasi and Champagne instead decide to go with an idiotic all fight issue. I mean, Samnee’s art’s good here, real good, but wow, the writing is just stupid.

It’s an incredibly complicated issue because so much is introduced–like Cole can temporarily deafen Alpha One with his Jimmy Olsen signal watch (not exactly, but basically) or how he managed to open the wrong cage or how he gets super powers (that one will, at least, be explained next issue).

But it’s pretty clear they aren’t going to get into the interesting stuff. How Alpha One knows so much pop culture, for example.

Instead of going out strong, The Mighty‘s going to collapse on itself in a whimper.

It’s a disappointment; they can’t pull around.

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