Secret Wars II (1985) #8


So the Beyonder got all bent out of shape because of his failed encounter with Puma… (Puma was supposed to kill him, according Puma’s tribe’s legends) and spends this entire issue moping. Oh, he gets in a fight with the X-Men–unfortunately he doesn’t kill them, which doesn’t fit, since he’s enraged and that Rachel Summers is really annoying. He teases Molecule Man a lot and that situation gives Shooter a chance to get in some more of his misogynist writing in regards to Volcana.

Then he argues with Spider-Man. Then something else happens, then something else.

What’s funniest about the comic is how Shooter clearly doesn’t have anything to do but he’s got to get another issue published (no surprise, the major guest stars are the X-Men and Spider-Man, Marvel’s two biggest dollar draws).

The whole thing stinks, but this issue is a new low.

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