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The Mighty (2009) #6


What an issue. The pacing is awful–I’m pretty sure it took me about three minutes to read–because the whole thing is just a conversation. After discovering, Alpha One is nuts or something, protagonist–the first time I’ve ever referred to him as such–Gabe hangs out with Alpha One in space for a really creepy moment.

Then the rest of the issue is Gabe trying to tell his wife Alpha One is a nutso without Alpha One hearing but Alpha One does hear.

It’s not so much a weak issue as it is a weak half issue. The Mighty, for a twelve issue limited (or whatever, it was going to be ongoing at one point, right?), is seriously lacking any subplots. It’s all about Gabe discovering Alpha One is a fruitcake bad guy masquerading as a good guy. Or something along those lines.

But it’s got no texture.

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