The Mighty (2009) #5


For Samnee’s first issue, apparently Tomasi and Champagne aren’t going to beat around the bush. Alpha One goes from being a hero with some quirks to being an intergalactic villain. Well, maybe not intergalactic–the alien things on the last page look a lot like something out of War of the Worlds.

Samnee’s art, which is even less superhero style than Snejbjerg’s, fits the series, though it’s unfair to compare the two because Samnee isn’t tasked with trying to infer deception behind Alpha One’s otherwise heroic demeanor.

What’s shocking about the issue is how fast Tomasi and Champagne introduce the bad stuff–there’s a lot of implications against Alpha One–before he goes and murders someone. After spending three and a half issues being cagey about it, The Mighty enters Irredeemable territory–the two books premiered around the same time, which is interesting. No one talked about The Mighty though.

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