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The Mighty (2009) #4


Ok, even if a commenter hadn’t given away the ominousness I’m feeling, this issue would have pretty much done it. There’s a lot of Alpha One being really, really weird here.

As far as Snejbjerg’s art and the changing face of Alpha One, I think he’s trying to intimate there’s something else going on but it’s just not coming off well. Instead of different expressions, it’s different faces entirely.

Tomasi and Champagne borrow another Superman movie scene here too, this time from Superman III. Given The Mighty appears to be a superhero going bad or superhero with lots of secrets book, like Irredeemable or, to some extent, Incognito, it’s surprising it doesn’t comment on superhero comics as much as it uses culturally ingrained superhero conventions (for a particularly age group at least).

It’s an interesting series; a complete second reading, once finished with the twelve issues, might be quite useful.

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