Muppet Robin Hood (2009) #2


The second issue is more of the first, but with more of the primary Muppets. What’s with Gonzo, by the way? It seems like no one can draw Gonzo to really resemble the actual Muppet?

The best thing about this issue are Johnny Fiama and Sal. Johnny’s playing the evil prince and Sal’s there too. Johnny’s prince is almost too addle-brained to be a sinister villain and Sal’s too funny to dislike (unfortunately, the comic cuts before Gonzo gets dunked in a tank–as torture, which he’s thrilled to be enduring since it gives him a chance to escape, Gonzo the Great and all), which means the book doesn’t really have a bad guy.

Unfortunately, it also doesn’t have much of a story. It’s ostensibly Robin Hood, but it’s not a faithful retelling of the legend (another difference from Christmas Carol and Treasure Island). It’s too loose, too scattershot.