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B.P.R.D.: 1947 (2009) #3


I wish I’d timed how long it took to read that issue. I’m sure I’d be disappointed.

Here, at the end of issue three, I’m to where the first issue should have been ending. Now the actual story can kick off. Maybe. This issue kind of ends the story’s dramatic vehicle, so I guess maybe not.

The issue ends on a reference to the first series, which is why it should be where the first issue, not third, closed. It’s such a slight story, however, it’s hard to imagine the final two issues provoking any interest. I was excited for 1947 and now I’m dreading 1948. Whatever came together on 1946 is absent here.

The plotting seems to be the culprit. The mission isn’t bad, but the first step in the investigation is boring (visit a tranquil French village to do research). They don’t even do the research.

Uh oh.

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