B.P.R.D.: 1947 (2009) #2


There’s no setting. It’s messing up the pacing. As much as I dislike comparing one thing to another for the purpose of a “review,” it’s pretty clear this series is breezing by because there’s no setting. It’s some guys in France. There’s nothing to the town–nothing about the French recovering from the war, for example; in fact, this issue, I don’t think a native gets any dialogue.

There’s interesting plotting–the hero in peril speaks his mind, without thinking, and it promises to be interesting–well, next issue it’ll be interesting, this issue it’s just a cliffhanger. Except it’s not at the end of the issue, as there’s still more busywork to do.

The “real” cliffhanger should have been in the first issue, since it’s just explaining something not in need of explanation.

I’m trying to remain upbeat, but it feels like a setup for B.P.R.D.: 1948, nothing else.