Spider-Woman (1978) #5


Wolfman edited Spider-Woman too? I guess I hadn’t paid much attention. Now a lot more makes sense. Without any editorial oversight, Wolfman can keep going with whatever he thinks works (to be fair, Spider-Woman did run fifty issues–five years–so he must have been in sync with readers) and what does he go with? A dream issue.

I can’t think of a dream issue offhand I like–did Alan Moore do a Swamp Thing dream issue? I liked that one if he did. But here’s why I hated this one.

Who cares?

Wolfman doesn’t really work at making Spider-Woman a) a likable protagonist or b) even the protagonist of her own book. On the fifth issue, with all her neurosis, it’s clear she’s a lame character. He’s trying to force interesting characteristics; they aren’t helping.

Maybe I think I like Spider-Woman because of the cartoon.

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  1. Greg Plantamura

    Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing had a few stories involving dreams (like issue 22), but no complete story which was a dream in itself. Issue 33 contains a reprint of the first Swamp Thing story from House of Secrets #92, which is presented as a (true) story told within a dream. In Swamp Thing #84, by Rick Veitch, Matt Cable becomes the Sandman’s raven as part of The Dreaming. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about Moore’s/Veitch’s Swamp Thing at http://tinyurl.com/2jc79