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The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh (2009) #4

Unk dmf 2009 4

Ok, the next Unknown series? That series might be okay, because Catherine whatever-her-name-is is going to be all messed up with the brain tumor and seeing wacky stuff all the time. It might make the mysteries interesting, but Waid’s steady reliance on Heaven and Hell for all answers certainly isn’t making the series engaging.

He answers maybe one question here, how did Catherine come back to life. But he raises a lot more questions and speeds through them (I’m still not clear on how Doyle got resurrected) to get to his ending, which is the setup for the next series.

Waid doesn’t seem to have much of an idea of where the series is going and he’s now eight issues into it. Instead of doing a comic version of Moonlighting or Remington Steele, he’s doing some lame TV pilot for a fundamentalist Christian pay cable station.


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  1. For me, the promise(?) of the first four issues was pretty much killed here. Waid manages to progress his protagonist somewhat, but all the introduced concepts derail any sort of conclusion that would of made it a satisfying read. This book seems like it can’t decide what type of comic it wants to be, and it leaves you with the taste of self indulgence on behalf of a writer that doesn’t ask anyone to read his work before throwing it out there for the audience. Bendis, anyone?

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