Batman and Robin (2009) #6


I do love this issue for Robin calling the flamboyantly gay South American toreador gay.

Or whatever Morrison named his second original villain for the series.

The rest?

Not wild about it.

Batman and Robin get their butts kicked, again. Morrison gets in some meta-textual references to Jason Todd’s resurrection (nothing about Bucky though) as it compares to the soon-to-be resurrected Bruce Wayne. It’s not particularly useful and is painfully obvious.

I’m also a little confused about Robin heading back to a Lazarus pit for his medical treatment (he got shot five times in the back). If he can just get resurrected over and over, what’s the point in putting him in dangerous situations?

And if Tan’s art was bad before, it’s really awful this time. It was so ugly I had to check the credits, because it’s beyond the banal mainstream he’d done the last issues.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Sadly, this hot selling series really took a downfall with this one. It reads as if it were an abbreviated synopsis instead of a real comic. Tan’s storytelling skills are little to none, constantly using odd perspectives and oblique panel to panel transitions that leave the viewer in a state of confusion over what they just read.

    Now, it could of been Morrison’s scripts as well, which certainly from time to time made a lesser artist a disaster in interpreting them. Here, the chugging train that the first three issues have been is brought to a screeching halt. Thank the powers that be for Cameron Stewart is on the next arc. Maybe then I’ll have an excuse to continue to read this book.

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