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Irredeemable (2009) #10


I was going to say, that art doesn’t look like Krause’s and it’s not. It’s a noticeable difference, which is too bad.

I guess if they’re going to do a fill-in artist, this issue’s an appropriate one, content-wise. There’s three stories going on (well, and a flashback); first is the Plutonian’s squeeze and her husband arguing then fighting the U.S. government sanctioned demon (no, I don’t have any Cheney jokes here, come up with them on your own), the Plutonian and his (resurrected?) sidekick (who’s secretly the Plutonian’s arch-villain) going shopping and the Plutonian giving some back story, and then the psycho super-hero who beat the Plutonian up a couple of issues ago.

In other words, it’s a bridging issue. It’s a solid bridging issue, but it’s not particularly important. All the information could be recapped in a two page seventies Marvel summary.

Still smooth sailing.

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  1. Smooth sailing perhaps(?), but still a bit of a step down in momemtum from the previous nine issues. The fill in artist Barreto(?), seems to have a gift for aping Krause, but his technique is slight in line work and gives the book an unfinished look about it. The reveals are also kind of repetative, which makes for the first disappointing issue so far. I think fill ins should continue the pace and verve of the series, and this one seems to take some of the air out of the excitement. The Plutonian’s madness seems mundane now and somewhat painful in the handling of the disposable store clerk scene. Perhaps the first serious flaw I’ve seen in the series so far gets magnified here with a severe lack of progression, a bad sign I hope isn’t repeated, especially at $3.99 for a five minute read.

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