Batman and Robin (2009) #5

Bmr 5

Ok, what? I’m a little groggy or whatever, but why can Jason Todd’s untrained sidekick beat up Damian? Wasn’t he trained by the League of Assassins? It just seems silly.

This issue is the first one in the series where it doesn’t feel like Morrison’s got a hold of what he’s doing–Batman and Robin is supposed to be a quality mainstream book. With the Tan art, it feels mainstream all right, but there’s not so much in the way of quality. The writing’s fine, but it’s all soulless.

Take, for example, the Jason Todd and sidekick breather scene. What does Jason Todd look like out of costume? Some broken down bad guy. Morrison portrays him as completely nuts, the sidekick too, which makes them really boring when it becomes to the dramatics. The Penguin’s far more interesting….

Having the Red Hood be internet-savvy doesn’t make everything all right.