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Aliens (2009) #4

Aliens2009 4

All right, I’m clearly missing something here. Not only does my android question go unresolved, so does the two major questions the series raised–why are these aliens different than those previously encountered and what’s the deal with the mystical alien canyon?

The letters page this issue tells the reader to stick with the comic continuity, but I’m pretty sure Dark Horse stopped doing new Aliens comics in 1999, which means other than collected editions, this story is the first new one in ten years. And they expect the reader to know their continuity?

You’ve got to be kidding me. What about the casual reader who’s picking up the series because of all Dark Horse’s anniversary nonsense?

Again, it’s a fine enough Aliens story (it would have been right at home running through eight issues of Dark Horse Presents), but come on–this series isn’t some awesome event.

It’s common.

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