Irredeemable (2009) #4


Even though the pacing is rapid-fire again (is Irredeemable an ongoing, if so, was it always supposed to be an ongoing)–I mean, I’d be mad at four dollars, just because the “cliffhanger” is engaging doesn’t make it worth four bucks for twenty-some pages but whatever, it’s still kind of my favorite issue.

Here we get to see the Plutonian be a bad guy. He’s petty (he destroys Singapore to horrify the United Nations, a bunch of people he could have just zapped) and human. It’ll be interesting to see where Waid goes with that element.

And Krause really gets to shine here. The destruction of Singapore, though a fast read, is a comic book moment unlike many others (and without trying). It’s just so well done, it’s impossible to not be effected. Waid’s playing with some familiar (if generically branded) toys, but I never saw Singapore coming.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Irredeemable continues to bounce with cliff hangers up to it’s current issue (#9),

    and by this time, we’re getting a bit more interplay with the supporting cast. It’s still sturm & drang all the way through, and I’m wondering if Waid has enough in him to keep up the pace. Hope so, as it’s been a thrill ride so far. My only concern with the constant “crisis” mode is whether or not the pay off will be there. So far he has been amazingly efficient in getting me to come back to this issue after issue. And where has Peter Krause been all these years? Tune in for the next episode, folks!