Irredeemable (2009) #3


There’s no mythology to Irredeemable. Waid’s not spending his time setting up a universe. There’s the Plutonian, there are the major supporting characters and then there’s everyone else and they don’t matter much. Krause’s job, at times, seems to be to come up with interesting looking characters, who could, conceivably, have had adventures, and then to kill them off and make sure the reader recognizes them.

Obviously, I’m oversimplifying. I mean, this issue has the Plutonian forcing people to act out his sexual fantasies under threat of death (gee, I wonder, has Waid seen Sea of Love?). Krause’s other main job is to make sure every moment with the Plutonian is uneasy. It’s not whether he’ll snap, the snapping is guaranteed; it’s dreading the awful thing he’ll do.

Waid also does a small anti-ordinary people rant here. It reminded me a little of Superman III (in a good way).